Live: Kate Tempest – Motion – 8/2/15


In a packed-out and jumper-worthy Motion, Kate Tempest holds court to the second date of her live tour, the largest venue she confesses to have played so far. Support act Loyle Carner rips out some mellow jams for the first half of his set, sticking blissfully to recorded material, making sure his presence is heard for the crowd-participation of the final minutes. Carner is new blood and intricately talented, but when Tempest walks out to a heavy-dropping ‘Marshall Law’ to thunderous applause it’s clear he’s only here to warm us up.

Tempest keeps awesomely to her namesake and spits out some stormy bars on the scarily realistic storyline of ‘Marshall.’ All I can do is stand and stare among the swelling crowd and take in everything that she has to throw at me; two drummers so frenetically in sync that you expect them to shed skin and uncover a robotic interior; a backing singer filling into Tempest’s dialogue and showing some serious vocal pipes in the process; the synth shaking deep with startling energy.

Kate Tempest is more than your two-dimensional Mercury nominee. The eclectic material from her debut Everybody Down is filled with a bleak reality reflecting the fake romance of Jamie T and The Streets and the panache of Scroobius Pip. Tempest is as real is it gets, barely holding back the cheeky grin and swelling emotion when the responsive crowd becomes too much. Someone shouts “we love you Kate!” and, wiping the tears from her eyes, Kate replies “I fucking love you too, mate”. An immersive experience and Kate Tempest is, without doubt, one storm that I wouldn’t want to pass anytime soon.