Live: Lonely The Brave – The Globe – 20/11/15

Lonely The Brave

Lonely The BraveComing off the back of a well-received debut album and a growing reputation as a spellbinding live act, Lonely The Brave arrive at the Globe on the final victory lap of ‘The Day’s War’ before they finish up their sophomore release in the New Year. Openers Black Peaks slightly startle the Friday night crowd with their abrasive hardcore, held down by Liam Kearley’s machine-gun drumming and moustachioed frontman Will Gardner’s hair raising scream. What they lack in accessibility they more than make up for in energy and a clear belief in what they do with a palpable intensity in their performance.

Lonely The Brave take the stage shortly afterwards to the steady build of ‘Kings Of The Mountain’, which has the chatty crowd singing and clapping along by its end. Leaving his bandmates to headbang and mouth the lyrics, David Jakes focuses on his vocals, which could easily fill an aircraft hangar and tonight take control of the confined Globe theatre with ease. Dropping ‘Backroads’, their most well-known song early in the set showcases the confidence Lonely The Brave have in their material new and old, with the handful of fresh songs on show standing tall against their predecessors. Minus a few talkative pre-drinkers (smart clothes are always a giveaway) the audience appreciate the sneak preview, with ‘Boxes’ and ‘Dust And Bones’ feeling like potential singles. Keeping it short and sweet Lonely The Brave close out the 12-song main set with an impassioned rendition of ‘The Blue, The Green’, guitarist Mark Trotter leading the crowd singalong as Jakes threatens to take the roof off the small venue with the circular outro. He’s a truly special vocalist, mustering an otherworldly power through his voice that works wonderfully with the vulnerability of his lyrics.

Returning after thunderous applause the five-piece thank the crowd profusely before encoring with a blistering ‘Black Saucers’ that sees Trotter leave the stage and thrash out the guitar lines in the midst of his devotees. With performances that send shivers down the spine and a clutch of new songs at the ready here’s hoping the band are back with album number two sooner rather than later.