Live Review: Enter Shikari – Y Plas 17/2/15


Y Plas has always been home to weird and wonderful sights, but tonight it bears witness to a whole new one: a floor-wide mosh pit as hardcore madmen, Enter Shikari come out to play.

Before the carnage begins, Fatherson play some whole-heartedly pretty songs, which lull the crowd rather than rile them. Following are the inherently strange Allusondrugs. Bizzare movements and faces galore, the boys roll out a plethora of songs including the scuzz-filled ‘Cherry Pie’. Although their set is rather frantic, it is nothing compared to what comes next. Feed The Rhino can only be described as mental. Frontman Lee Tobin spends more time off stage, perching on a crew member’s shoulder above the crowd, and orchestrates sheer chaos. The crowd are officially warmed up.

“Shikari! Shikari!” the crowd bellow as the stage falls to pitch black. Enter Shikari burst onto the stage with ‘The Appeal & The Mindsweep I’ and the crowd go wild. This wildness doesn’t stop, either. For the full two hours that Enter Shikari play, the crowd are a constant sea of energy ignited by the noise these four men create. The lights are amazing, the songs are amazing, the musicianship is amazing. Even when a mid-set power-cut occurs, Shikari continue to entertain until the mayhem can restart. Whilst highlights of the set include bassist Chris Batten in a circle pit for ‘The Paddington Frisk’ and vocalist Rou Reynolds smashing a vase in honour of Slipshod, tonight’s best moment is when Rou takes to his “old Joanna” for a delicate and overwhelming ‘Dear Future Historians’. Rou cries as the crowd sing every word of his beautifully penned anthem back to him and it is truly breathtaking. Its shows like this that make Enter Shikari the best live band out there and tonight they do that title justice.