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Live Review: The Faim, at The Globe, 27/01/19

By Eva Zhang

Set up in high school, Australian rock band—The Faim came from Perth Australia, ambitious to win the global audiences. The band name means “the hunger” in French. The boys confess their desire in this name. They are inspired by bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and Metallica, and an array of musical influences, from indie rock to jazz, to pop-punk.

The band, originally called Small Town Heroes, regularly handed out flyers and posters outside Perth Arena and recorded 30-second covers of their favourite tracks to post online. In 2016, they went through a big change with the help of producer John Feldmann, and went to a studio in Los Angeles where they wrote and recorded two songs per day and enlisted the help of several famous co-writers.

The band’s UK tour started in Southampton and their schedule is intense, playing London, Leeds, Glasgow, and Nottingham to name a few. On 27th January 2019, The Faim performed a fabulous show at The Globe, Cardiff. In the middle of the stage is their big logo TF, which as they said is keeping the logo simple, so they can keep the music as broad as possible. It was already crowded in the room at 7:40 pm even though their show didn’t begin until 9:30 pm (Another two bands performed forehead). The audience was predominantly female. After the show, one of the female fans told her friends “OMG, I must be the only one who was crying”. Then the girl who stood next to me whispered to her friend “No”.

Starting with their heavy rock song Saints of Sinners, The Faim graced the stage and grasped the audiences’ attention. The four boys in the band are skinny but extremely energetic. The air in the room was very hot because of their energy. Blue and purple lights shone on them and they jumped around on the stage. The leading vocal Josh Raven held the microphone with mic-stand up several times. He touched fans’ hands several times too. When singing the song Where The River Runs, Josh walked into the audience and got emotional with the piano track played by their bass player, Stephen Beerkens who walked around on the stage to intact with the band members and audience several times. The band finished the gig by the song Summer is A Curse which was about their effort to chase the music dreams.