Live Review: Kate Nash – The Globe


You’d think that so many females in one room would cause a problem but Kate Nash and her ‘girl gang’ were the complete opposite. Support acts The Tuts Band and Vulcano opened the show with a hint of what was to follow: an onslaught of punk-fuelled girl power reminiscent of the likes of Hole and Joan Jett. Even the pre-show playlist was packed full of pop’s most outspoken females.

Opening with an array of vintage-style videos of Kate played off old televisions, it’s clear that Kate’s show is going to be about a lot more than just the music. Kicking off with the angsty Sister and moving seamlessly into Tarantino-inspired ‘Death Proof’, Kate quickly ensures that the packed-out venue of some of her longest standing fans are as into the songs as she is.

Not short of crowd pleasers, Do Wah Do, OMYGOD! and Mouthwash allow the middle of the evening to be just as enjoyable as the beginning and end. Underestimate the Girl leads to a stage storm with several dozen girls getting their own shot at belting out the chorus (they even get to take a bow with the band) and Kate playing bass from the floor of The Globe surrounded by fans. The highlight of the show by far is the rendition of Foundations that couldn’t be further from the cutesy-keys hit that took her to number 2 in 2007.

Final song Merry Happy guarantees that the night ends on a high note with not a single person standing still. You can leave whatever expectations you have of Kate Nash at the door because she will surely blow them out of the water, with a show that is a level of fun paralleled only by watching your Nan play Twister at Christmas.

 Kate continues her worldwide tour until 23rd November.
Girl Talk is available to download now.

Charlie Mock

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