Live Review: Royal Blood, The Globe, 14.02.14


The misery of a wet and windy Friday night in Cardiff is lost as you walk into The Globe, a small venue that you hope no one else has turned up to when you arrive – so you can grab a seat on the balcony and lord over those standing below. This night is a showcase of some very solid new bands out of Brighton, with openers Tigercub taking to the stage to remind everyone just how loud the speakers can be. Their new songs and fan-favourite singles such as Little Rope are well received by the growing crowd.

In between sets all sorts of sexy hits croon out of the speakers; ëBump Ní Grindí and the like – it is Valentineís Day after all. The lights drop and the band weíd come to see, the hotly-tipped Royal Blood, stroll onto the stage. A basic production with lights projecting the duoís shadows onto a canvas allow the music to take centre stage, and what music it isÖ

The hard-hitting drums of Ben Thatcher and well-crafted riffs of guitarist Mike Kerr rock the venue; he could be the coolest bassist around as he dominates from the front with bad-ass basslines and strong vocals. Stomping, amp-breaking single ëLittle Monsterí is enjoyed by all following its ëhottest recordí plug on Radio One, the lustful lyrics echoing back to the stage. With only three songs released it is good to hear fans singing along to those only available in grainy YouTube recordings, such as the bluesy ëHoleí. Closer ëOut Of The Blackí is lapped up, with Kerr ripping out his earplugs and showing real enjoyment as the duo smash out the rollicking breakdown finale.

A diverse crowd witnesses a fairly short 45 minute set, but the huge response will please the rising two-piece rockers. As I said, itís Valentineís Day, and they walk off stage throwing roses into the audience; they show their love for Cardiff and Cardiff gives their love back. Royal Blood are a top live band clearly ready for their breakout into the big time.

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