Live Review: Sigrid at Motorpoint Arena, 13/03/19

Photo credit: Album cover for ‘Sucker Punch’ – Sigrid


by Camille Stanley

Admittedly, I arrived at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on the 13th March knowing not all that much about Norway’s newest pop star Sigrid. Of course I was familiar with the song Strangers, which I’m sure has been stuck in many more heads than just mine for the past few months, however I soon realised that to confine Sigrid to this one song would be grossly unfair considering the impressive compilation of tracks included on her newly released first album, Sucker Punch.

Sigrid has been supporting George Ezra on his UK tour and it’s safe to say that people were just as excited to see Sigrid as they were Ezra. The crowd packed the huge Motorpoint Arena before Sigrid had even started and when she did they exposed themselves as super fans by singing along to every word on tracks like Don’t Feel Like Crying and Don’t Kill My Vibe. The latter of which was written in response to older men who patronised her during a writing session. This is your time to note that not only is Sigrid bringing progressive pop to the music industry, but also encouraging a progressive conversation about how women are treated in such industries.

This message coming from a voice like Sigrid’s is unlikely to be ignored. Her vocals really are just as impressive live and in slower moments of the set songs like Dynamite really allowed her to showcase not only her range, but the emotion she brings to her tracks.

Nonetheless, Sigrid still knows how to keep a mood fun and light. She danced across the stage with her signature moves (definitely check out her music videos) and her carefree stage presence meant that the crowd soon realised that if she doesn’t take herself so seriously than neither should they, which is the best blessing at a gig where you can’t help but sing-a-long.

On the topic of blessings, it would be fair to say Sigrid’s arrival on the pop scene has been a blessing. She is refreshing, talented, and most importantly, herself. Sigrid, you just gained a new fan.