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Live Review: Turnstile at The Globe, 23/10/2018

By Munro Page

The palpable buzz that filled the air of The Globe as the packed room awaited the arrival of New York Hardcore band Turnstile was electrifying, as were the opening moments of their raucous, loud and thoroughly exciting set. The oval-shaped room was filled with music fans of all kinds – far beyond the punk influences the band are built upon, spectators sported band t-shirts from metal, grunge and emo artists, giving an almost sacrosanct vibe to the night; people were here to be entertained.

Turnstile’s ravenous sound covers a plethora of influences, from the quiet verse/loud chorus structures of Grunge to the metallic shredding of Heavy Metal, all of which converge into something that requires almost mandatory headbanging. Their latest record, Time And Space, dropped at the end of February this year to wide acclaim, following up from their 2015 debut album Nonstop Feeling. The band have found success on their home continent but hopped across the pond this summer to play a number of festivals in Europe, including 2000 Trees here in the UK.

Barely a few minutes into the gig, it felt like they were right at home. The band thoroughly owned the night, with lead singer Brendan Yates not even bothering to wear a t-shirt as he clambered up the speakers to shout down his brash, unfiltered lyrics to the very welcoming crowd below. Meanwhile, on stage, crowd members were actively encouraged to come and perform their own stage dives, whilst an insatiable venue-wide mosh pit never slowed down once.

For anyone new to their music, it seems that a Turnstile gig truly is a baptism by fire, and either you’ll be convinced by the chaos and roughness of the whole event or completely put off. Regardless, it’s hard to deny their ability and talent to totally own the room and inspire such crazed responses from their audience. I left The Globe feeling hot and dazed, utterly bewildered that anyone could have that much energy on a Tuesday night.