Live: Spring King – Moon Club – 12/02/2015

Spring King

With over 86,000 monthly listeners, the Moon Club in Cardiff seems too small a venue to hold Spring King. Formed in 2012 in Manchester, the last twelve months have seen the rise of Spring King to one of the most exciting bands at the moment.

There is a buzz in the crowd as Tarek Musa & Co take the stage. With only mic stands separating band and audience, there’s a certain intimacy crossed separating the wild energy from the four piece. Opening with a collection of solid singles ‘Demons’, ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Mumma’, the band are instantly likeable. Jumping to new material (Detroit City being a highlight), it’s clear that Spring King are a band riding on a wave of energy, excitement and potentially a debut album. Combined with the boyish charm of the singer as he learnt ‘Cheers’ in Welsh, it’s hard not to be excited for this band; they have big things to come.