Live: The Ordinary Boys – 5/11/15 – The Globe

The Ordinary Boys

The Ordinary BoysRemember, remember the 5th of November the memorable saying goes, and frankly it would be impossible to forget the evening spent watching Preston and the boys rock out spectacularly at little cult venue, The Globe on Albany Road. It’s always enjoyable watching music here, as the atmosphere is intimate and personal, and it’s easy to nab a great position in the crowd to view the stage. The evening started on an extremely high note as local support band Breakdown Face entertained the crowd with rowdy punk guitar and novelty lyrics. Preston himself watched the band from the balcony, and despite their music not being to everyone’s taste, they were not short of showmanship or charisma at all and were a great introduction for the main act.

If you haven’t listened to The Ordinary Boys most recent album yet then make that high priority on your to-do list, as their latest venture deserves the credit that it’s due. Musically and vocally, the set was phenomenal and new album tracks ‘About Tonight’ and ‘Losing My Cool’ were highlights of the evening simply due to how many people were on their feet dancing and letting their hair down!

For older fans of the band, classic hits such as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ couldn’t go amiss, and when this song was performed Preston took it upon himself to jump off of the stage and into the crowd, celebrating his fans and allowing everyone to have a go of singing into the microphone; it was truly ground-breaking to see an artist so engaged with his fans. It’s clear to see that The Ordinary Boys have something special going on with their new album, the tone and their representation seems totally different. No longer does Preston appear as the gobby reality TV star, but as a musician in an Oasis t-shirt breaking the mould like the Gallagher brothers did. An outstanding night; a pleasure.