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Laura Pergolizzi, LP for her fans, is one of the most unique and astonishing voices the panorama of American rock music has ever seen. Her break-through album Lost on You was a big success around the globe and particularly in Europe where it reached peaks of 100,000 copies sold in France.

In an interview with Quench last Wednesday, we talked with Laura about her music career and how she got into writing and she expressed that “it was a huge mystery, because when I first approached the world of music it seemed like something unattainable. Growing up listening to music I was often drawn to write songs for fun”. LP says that writing music is not a science that can be studied and even those schools that do teach writing skills can never be able to explain how to represent your emotions with a song. “When I started working in the music industry I got to collaborate with great artists and song-writers and I was shocked by how they didn’t even know how to write a song and that’s because there’s no perfect mathematical guidelines to do it”.

As a song-writer LP composes loads of songs, however most of them never really make the final cut of an album. She explains that often those songs don’t just go to waste they “stay on my computer for several years before being brought back to life when I think it’s the right time”.

Her inspiration, she says, comes from her relationships. From the interaction with other people and the feelings that these provide Laura is able to give birth to beautiful songs as she explains that “our lives always come down to our relationships and love (the lack of). Even those great, political, songs go back to the relationships we have with the world”.

LP just started a tour around the world that will take her all over Europe starting from the UK of which she tells us she is “very excited about, because I love the United Kingdom and enjoy coming back for concerts”.

She was in London on Tuesday night while last night took the stage in the Y Plas of the Students’ Union in Cardiff and completely smashed it.

After getting us all very pumped up with the long wait and the rocking opening band, a big cheering audience welcomed LP to the stage. She was wearing her usual fitted black jacket with her curly hair bouncing around to the rhythm of her music.

As she flips her harmonica in the air the audience goes wild dancing to the music of “Strange” the songs that opens the concert. Laura is very enthusiastic and builds up the emotions by playing some of her most famous songs right at the beginning. “Other People” and “Salvation” follow right after before the concert shifts its emotionality to a more intimate world where LP’s incredible vocal extension is shown at its maximum strengths.

Not a flat note or a trembling of voice, LP performs so naturally it gives me chills every time she hits one of those high-notes (and trust me there were a lot of them). She sings “Lost on You” and then runs off stage for a few minutes before being cheered back on stage for a couple more songs. She plays two less-known songs which explore a whole different instance of her incredible musical production. One which cuddles the audience with gentle notes and prepares them for a good night of sleep dreaming of the black curled-hair girl who shook the Welsh Capital.

Andrea Gaini


LP’s Album ‘Lost On You’ is available now to purchase