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Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber


15/11/12 | Fat Possum

Melody Prochet is a French musician, classically trained for 12 years, who has enlisted man of the moment Kevin Parker (of Tame Impala) to produce her dream-pop album, having left indie band My Bee’s Garden for something “rougher sounding”. So yes, music snobs will be drooling after her relentlessly, but so should you; she’s made a wonderful record.

A scuzzy sojourn into sixties psychedelica, ‘Melody’s Echo Chamber’ can boast a wonderful voice at its helm. The eponymous, aptly named Melody doesn’t stray far from her range, outside which you can hear the most delicate strain enter her words, but rather sticks to high and breathy notes laden with rich post-production fuzz. In this regard she reminds me of Marianne Faithful, with her limited but evocative vocals that honey the heart. Instead, instrumentation takes precedence.

Lead single ‘I Follow You’ contains the album’s greatest riff, a modest, nostalgic affair with a homemade, country feel to it, and the bassline of ‘Mount Hopeless’ is funky enough to remedy the gloomy synth tones. The record will, however, be challenging for some; having compressed the singles into the first half, the second abounds with French language tracks, instrumentals, and even a song about the Andes Plane Crash cannibalism. What’s remarkable is how easy a listen this all is. Like all the best dream-pop, the LP washes over you while sill leaving an impression. Prochet said her mission in recruiting Parker was to achieve “the right balance between something pretty and something wild”.

Mission accomplished.

Jimmy Dunne



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