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“Our music develops from a positive attitude” – an interview with LYLO

Interview by Courtney Moody

So, if I can start by getting you guys to introduce yourselves and your position in the band?

Mitch: Sure thing – I’m Mitch, I play guitar and I sing.
Jack: I’m Jack – I play bass.
Niall: I’m Niall – I play the synthesiser.
Iain: I’m Ian and I play the sax.
Justin: I’m Justin and I play the drums.

What is the band’s agenda?

Mitch: Agenda? Erm, we are trying to make music in a way that might have been popular a little while ago, but we are doing it in a contemporary way. But also, doing it in a very pure way. We don’t want to be ironic. I think it is very purely unironic.
Jack: Music to dance to.

Is there a meaningful story behind the band’s name?

Mitch: We started with some awful ones – The Sun Gods. Scatterbrain? Or something like that… gosh that was bad. SCRAP THAT! LYLO is a bit dreamier, [it captures] our sun-soaked sound.
Justin: Not like a Lilo you lay on.
Mitch: We didn’t want a name with too much meaning.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals – besides smoking?
Mitch: Drinking?
Jack: Stretches. Arm stretches. Back stretches. Maybe leg stretches. Loosen the hips – for dancing.
Mitch: I can take a long time to get ready; shower, moisturise. Mariah Carey diva mode.

Do you want to keep up the intimate gigs, or is the dream to sell out stadiums? If so, do you think that will change your band’s style?

Mitch: We are getting more opportunities to do bigger shows, but it is nice to do both. It keeps you grounded. We’ll just keep on doing what we are doing. Day by day. Gig by gig.

How did your music video for ‘Submerge’ come about?

Iain: Oh, that was me! I made all the props myself. We filmed it in a spare room at Uni.
Mitch: He’s got a magic brain, man.

How do you remain positive in such a gruelling industry?

Jack: Our approach is just to enjoy it. We don’t want to push it too hard. We get so excited over the small things. We went to America recently and we were so chuffed to see a Wendy’s.
Mitch: We just like what we are doing.
Niall: We’re all just really good friends. It’s a nice experience for us to do it as pals.
Mitch: Our music develops from a positive attitude.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Mitch: 80’s swagger. Shirts and high-waisted trousers. The Sopranos.
Justin: My friends dress well. So, I need to compete with them!

Any advice for smaller bands?

Mitch: Make sure you get paid to gig! Some bands get so surprised when they get paid. Certain venues hold a certain prestige, so bands will jump through hoops (usually getting their families to buy tickets) for them to play there again, but you’ll only lose more money that way!
Niall: Keep it D.I.Y as much as possible.

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