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Musical Advent Calendar #9 Ed Sheeran – Divide

Three years after his last album, ‘’Multiply’’, Grammy winning artist Ed Sheeran is back with a bang with his much awaited third studio album Divide. The album consists of a collection of upbeat songs as well as ballads. The overall feel of the album is a very easy-going – ‘’man in love’’ sort of vibe. Songs like ‘’What do I know?’’ talk about simple gifts in life like love and positivity – I always feel like big artists making songs like these create so much change in the world. It almost gives off a ‘’anything can happen – if he believes in it’’ sort of feeling. The album features a lot of what I like to call ‘’Road-trip esque songs’’ like ‘Galway Girl’, Barcelona’, ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’ & ‘Castle on the Hill’ that were heavily influenced by Sheeran’s travels during his hiatus. In the song Barcelona, he tries his hand at singing a couple of lines of the chorus in Spanish. Ed Sheeran’s following has always had a very global reach: The Divide Tour consisted of places like Asia, Australia and Europe. This is probably because of his very mainstream pop genre. (Not that I’m complaining!). ‘’Eraser’’ features Ed Sheeran rapping about the pitfalls of fame behind a very sexy Latin music score.

Ed Sheeran’s forte has always been love songs, but not just love songs though –‘’over the top, make you believe that your one true love exists’ type of love songs. Who knows? Maybe it does! Songs like ‘Dive’, ‘How would you feel? (Paen), and ‘Perfect’ are every woman’s fantasy on the concept of love coming to life in the form of Ed Sheeran’s extremely romantic lyrics. The track ‘Perfect’ which was written about Ed Sheeran’s girlfriend (his high school sweetheart) have lyrics like ‘’She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home’’ and is soon becoming the love song of the generation.  Sheeran’s perspective of romance still being an all-encompassing, passionate, butterflies in your stomach concept, touches the heart of every hopeless romantic out there. However with love, comes heartbreak – the album showcases songs like ‘Happier’ and ‘Save Myself’ which brings out Ed Sheeran’s post breakup side that is one of the most relatable aspects of his music.

The album isn’t particularly risk taking or dramatic, but sometimes it’s good to keep it close to home. Sheeran has created extraordinary tracks on ordinary stories that has appealed to huge variety of fans. Whether its gushing about your partner, the loss of someone heartfelt or just a song you need to bang out to on a road trip, Sheeran is available to get these tales soaring. Divide is a well-made album, with Sheeran keeping in mind the commercial value of music as well as speaking his deepest thoughts about life and love.


Ashavari Baral


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