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Quenchmas Countdown: Day 9 – ‘Arthur Christmas’

I didn’t think I couldn’t love James McAvoy anymore, until I witnessed the wonder that is Arthur Christmas.

With Christmas becoming a military mission, Arthur, the youngest of the Claus clan is one of the few working elves who just wishes for everyone to have a Merry Christmas, away from the hustle and the bustle of modern festivities.

Young Arthur tries with all his might to deliver a lost present, creating a simple storyline but is so pure and sweet, that it restores your belief within Christmas and what the season means – giving. Arthur’s constant optimism to deliver a lost gift to a young girl portrays this ideal perfectly. His awkward and bumbling character is so precious and endearing, you can’t help but feel for him. Brushing to the side that he’s constantly ridiculed by the other elves, overshadowed by his brother and knowing deep down that his father is disappointed of him (heartbreaking, truly), Arthur continues to help himself and others enjoy Christmas in all its glory – he won’t let negativities ruin the belief and love for the holidays. Always trying to seek the best of a bad situation and persevering as the going gets tough, his principles of giving to others still stands. Arthur Christmas encourages children (and us, adults) to believe in ideals and passions but by working as hard as we can to achieve them. Arthur is a hero, and would probably even write your dissertation if you asked him.

By Molly Jackson