Preview: Dads, Newport Le Pub, 16.11.13


Hailing from the musical hotbed of New Jersey, Dads offer up the kind of twinkly, guitar-based emo thats nonchalance is its greatest asset. Comparing themselves to “the shitty movie you know is crap but put on to forget about everything else going wrong around you“, their lo-fi stylings are perfectly suited to Le Pub’s sweaty, beery confines. Latest EP ‘Pretty Good’ is much more than its title suggests, taking Dads in a newly bombastic direction – much more anthemic and straightforward than last year’s brilliantly-titled ‘American Radass’.

A Jealous Lovers Club show would be nothing without the cream of the crop of local talent to support, and this Saturday they offer up South Wales punk-rock crews The Modern Farewell and Masts, completing a lineup of punk-rock perfection that’s the perfect alternative to the rugby-fuelled chaos that’s sure to hit Cardiff once more.

Tickets are still available from the JLC MusicGlue.

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