Preview: Jealous Lovers Club & Juxtaposed Microfest, Gwdihw Café Bar, 04.05.14


May 4th 2014 brings with it the inaugural Jealous Lovers Club Microfest. Taking place across two stages at Cardiff’s Gwdihw Café Bar, the festival will be a showcase of Jealous Lovers Club’s musical mantra, with Playlounge, Nai Harvest, Radstewart, Woahnows, Olympians and a whole load more filling out the diverse bill, topped by the return of indie-pop’s best kept secret Tellison, in their first Cardiff outing since 2011. You may have seen a few sneaky line-up posters hiding in our last few issues. As Connor Cupples, the man behind the Jealous Lovers Club promo brand explains: “You’ve got punk elements, you’ve got post-rock, math-rock stuff with Cleft, and you’ve got the more grunge stuff with Samoans – it kind of opens up everything.” Connor has put together a handy Spotify playlist to help attendees get acquainted with the line-up.

“It’s a bit of a gamble,” he continues, “there’s only three local bands out of the twelve who are playing. Normally when you see venues in Cardiff that are doing a bank holiday thing, they’re not taking a risk, they’re just booking local bands and it’s free entry, or something like that.”

The Jealous Lovers Microfest is about more than that, though. “The whole point of what I wanted to do with the festival was I wanted to showcase as many bands as possible, and I wanted to show the different kinds of genres that we promote. The festival is basically a day of music that encapsulates Jealous Lovers Club as a ‘thing’.”

Quench are thrilled to be sponsoring the festival. Early bird tickets are now sold out, but cheaper advance tickets are still available here. Make sure you head down to what will undoubtedly be a highlight of Cardiff’s musical calendar.



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