Reverend & The Makers – What Goes Around


14/11/12 | Cooking Vinyl 

Any fans of FIFA 13 should already know this song well. And like Colours by Grouplove – featured on the last FIFA game, and now nigh on unlistenable due to overexposure – I think you’ll get sick of it pretty quick; only this one deserves it. Hilariously mismatching Jon McClure’s hard-as-Sheffield-steel vocals with the campest, bounciest synths imaginable, one can’t help feeling they should’ve sold the song to another artist, or a major label. But then maybe they wouldn’t pay as much as FIFA; not for half a chorus and a verse lacking noteworthy tune. It’s worth looking up the acoustic version online for a hint of what this can be live, with some interest injected in the performance, but on the record? Decent background music, nothing more.


Jimmy Dunne

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