Review: Peace – Sin City, Swansea 12/06/14

Dot To Dot Festival 2014

What initially seems like an odd choice of venue becomes painfully clear upon entering Swansea’s Sin City. It’s packed. Perhaps something to do with the Birmingham quartet’s recent appearance on E4’s hit ‘reality’ show Made in Chelsea? Certainly not. This crowd know exactly what they’re waiting for and it is by no means influenced by a controversial TV cameo.

An echoing intro sets the mood slightly off kilter; a mess of orange hair takes to the stage and no one is quite sure what’s going on. That is until the opening chords of ‘Follow Baby’ career through the silence and the once static crowd becomes a distant memory. Arms are flailing and hearts are being sung out and that isn’t just the crowd – Peace have well and truly got it sussed. From the choice of venue that seems to eat up their sound and spit it straight back out with all the right noises to the way the crowd of teenagers is wrapped tightly around their little fingers, B-Town’s most promising bid for the big time know exactly what they’re doing.

Really, It’s hard to pick fault; there isn’t a song that doesn’t go down well. New single ‘Money’ receives just as much approbation as old favourite ‘Higher Than The Sun’ and the previews of new album tracks are met with such fervour that you wouldn’t be chastised for assuming that they’ve been plucked from last year’s debut ‘In Love.’ The warm 80s vibe that Peace’s forthcoming album seems to be exuding is much anticipated and, judging by this set, with very good reason.

If there’s any indicator for impending success then it’s ‘Lovesick.’ By this point, vocalist Harry’s position has become redundant with the crowd taking over for a spine tingling, if not slightly out of time, sing along. It’s loud, full of feels and perfectly wedged in the middle of a show that shows no signs of slowing down. ‘Bloodshake’ provides the conclusion of the night and, it seems, Peace started as they meant to go on. Ardently, flawlessly and to a horde of fans that only ever seems to grow.