Review: Plaids – Plaids

Plaids LP artwork (lo res)

With little time left to wait for Plaids’ self-titled debut album, punk fans may now rejoice. Unlike their scuzzy low-fi contemporaries in the DIY scene, Plaids have managed to refract their energetic songs through a prism of crystal clear production. The result is twelve tracks that fans of post-hardcore will relish.

The theme of ‘space’ ties the record together and the lack of song titles leaves room for the listener to draw their own conclusions from the lyrical content. There is a sense that, much like the Universe, you’ll never get to the bottom of ‘Plaids’. This lends a depth to the record that most hardcore acts lack and it is this complexity which makes the album so difficult to reduce into mere sentences.

The constantly evolving sonic landscape vacillates between heavy, driven Minor Threat moments and melodic sections that La Dispute listeners will more than appreciate. Plaids’ LP is a densely constructed and intricate effort that will translate well to the live scene and leave fans spinning the record on repeat.