Review: Thumpers – Galore


Introducing Thumpers and their debut album ‘Galore’. Released via their own label, the band have shot themselves into the ether of hype surrounding the records release. With the title track and first single from the album gaining recognition from the likes of XFM, Radio 1 and Radio 6 Music, the duo certainly have a lot to live up to.

The record starts with the welcoming tones of ‘Marvel’, capturing the heady, summery sound the overall album promises without being all too intimidating. Featuring harmonic accompaniments and bursts of horn elements, it culminates as a bold beginning to the album. The next three tracks respectively set the bar high, providing a trio of up beat, celestial tracks. The stand out of which is possibly the climax of the three, ‘Unkinder (A Tougher Love)’. Beginning somewhat tentatively the track builds to an addictive chorus, bringing with it warped guitar riffs and electronic undertones.

‘Galore’ finalises as it begins; with style. The five minute mirage that is ‘Together Now’ sees all of the band’s elements join together. Starting off with an isolated piano, the song carefully layers lyrics, clever picking patterns, a brass section and upbeat drum tempos to create a wholly satisfying end to the album.

Thumpers have succeeded in showcasing their eclectic potential in this debut. Ticking the boxes of indie, pop and psychedelica, it offers a comprehensive summer soundtrack for fans of all genres and provides Thumper’s gateway into mainstream consciousness.