Scandinavian singers putting a new spin on the pop music we know

Recently there seems to be a huge number of Scandinavian popstars bringing out some absolutely great music. They seem to have put their own spin on pop and we love it. We have had our eye on Sigrid for a while now and she has now go the title of ‘BBC’s Sound of 2018 number one’. Could they be taking over the music indursty? Here’s a rundown of some of our favourites:


  1. Sigrid




Of course Sigrid is our number one. From her simplistic style to her sassy lyrics, I don’t think anyone will be killing her vibe anytime soon. Her infectious confidence is what makes this 21 year old so special.



  1. Astrid S



A friend of Sigrid, Astrid S has teamed up with the likes of Blonde and Matoma lending her angelic voice to their tracks. Her own music is the perfect example of Scandinatian pop and is truly wonderful. Listen to ‘Breathe’ and ‘Running Out’.


  1. Dagny



This Swedish beauty has done the UK festival circuit and has built up a strong UK fan-base. Clean Cut Kid’s Mike and Evelyn used to play in her band teaming her urban poppy voice with a sort of indie feel. She is now fully embracing the pop aspect, with tracks ‘Backbeat’ and ‘Wearing Nothing’ particularly standing out.


  1. Anna of the North



Norwegian, Anna of the North puts a chilled-out spin on this Scandinavian-pop style. She built up a UK fan-base with the help of touring with big-time DJ Kygo and featuring on Tyler the Creator’s track ‘911/Mr Lonely’. This is only the beginning for this pop-star.




MØ is already making it big having released tracks with Major Lazer, Justin Bieber and Diplo. This Danish sensation is the definition of modern pop music at its finest and if you’ve never heard of MØ then where on earth have you been?!


Charlotte Minett