Spotlight: Undertone, Cardiff

5739_652640438129718_1029078986_nThere are three kinds of basement; that of creepy horror films, the pop-punk band and venues equipped for reams of mega-fun parties. Undertone is the latter, perhaps with a sprinkling of the second (fingers crossed). Undertone, you know, that door next to 10 Feet Tall that’s always blasting your favourite song out as you pass by, has recently had a compete re-vamp and it is, to put in a word fitting of its vibe, Rad. What perhaps was once no more than a sweaty basement with nothing much of interest going on is now quickly becoming Cardiff’s coolest, most happening venue boasting an abundance of the best nights, most intimate shows and cheapest drinks around.  The re-vamp bases itself around four nights:

Bump & Grind: Bump & Grind is arguably the biggest night Undertone has to its name; every two weeks on a Monday the basement packs out for Cardiff’s only 90’s/00’s hip-hop and RnB party boasting everything from Destiny’s Child to Kanye West. Since its launch in 2012 Bump & Grind has spread around the country with spots in Bath and Bristol both spanning from that initial celebration of all things fly in Undertone’s basement. So grab yourself a gin and juice, get laid back and head on down for the C.R.E.A.M. of the crop, yo.

Fly: If hip-hop and RnB is your thing but you were too busy riding around on your skateboard, playing Pokémon or whatever it is we did in the 90s to notice the scene at the time or if two parties a month simply isn’t enough then Fly is your saviour. Fly presents the ultimate in new school vibes every other Monday so grab your 2 Chainz, roll down and jam to Drake or get down to Kendrick.

Millionaires: Millionaires is possibly the most exciting prospect to come out of the Undertone re-boot; putting a fresh twist on traditional club promotion; Millionaires promises intimate, exclusive gigs in The Basement followed by fist-pumping, knee-sliding pop/alt club nights to keep the party going. Millionaires first 80 cap show presenting dirty pop-punkers Gnarwolves, sold out in four minutes and looks set to be one of the most outrageous shows of the coming months so watch this space for more big bands in the small venue and get your tickets quick!

Youth: Youth, twinned with Cardiff Student Media, gives our very own Xpress Radio DJ’s a chance to spin your favourite pop, disco, RnB, indie, hip-hop, ANYTHING tracks giving just about anyone the chance to dance the night away. With an ever changing array of guest DJ’s and possibly some spectacular bands in the future Youth looks to remain fresh and unique with every visit. Plus, it finally offers an alternative to that same old Revs trip on a Tuesday.

These alongside endless other gigs, events and overall good-times combine to make one of the most exciting and refreshingly unique venues in the Cardiff underground scene, so next time you pass by that intriguing door on Church Street, take a trip inside, you might just find your favourite new place.


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