Interview: Playlounge

Amy Endacott caught up with Playlounge ahead of their main support set at Fuel on the Sunday of Sŵn Festival. 


You describe your sound as noise pop and soft core punk, explain that a little more. What is it you want your fans to take away from your gigs? 

Soft core punk is like a joke because we both love hard core punk but just aren’t tough guys (laughs) and noise pop comes from how our songs all have a verse, chorus, verse pop song structure, but yet are quite noisy!

With song titles like Grandma’s Death, Cream Soda and Orange Friends, where do you get your inspiration from?

Song titles to us are part of the artwork to a track, just like the artwork on the back of the record. When bands name the song after a lyric it just seems a bit lazy, I mean you hear the song but you read the title, so we try to make them look as interesting as possible on the back of the sleeve. They never really relate to the song we just hope they look good!

In December you’re playing with Los Campesinos! at Clwb Ifor Bach, which you seem to be pretty psyched about. Which artist would be your ultimate dream to play alongside?

Well we’ve been pretty lucky, I would say we’ve done most of them. Johnny Foreigner we’ve toured with twice, and we’re playing with Joan of Arc in November, which will be insane. To be honest our favourite bands are our friend’s bands, which always makes it way more fun. But yeah, we’re super excited for Los Campesinos!, which will be great, but then I think that’s the list done.

You communicate with your fans a lot of through the use of social media, is there anything exciting coming up online that we can look forward to?

The majority of stuff we put online isn’t very interesting anyway, we just love the internet! We’re going to try and do some videos soon, we’re doing a bunch of recording next month so that will be put up, but most of it is just stupid pictures and if people like that there’s plenty more to come!

Tell me about your next release. EP? An album in the pipeline? 

We’ve got a few exciting releases coming up. We haven’t recorded them yet but there are a lot of songs that we’ve been sitting on for a while, so there’s plenty more to come from us!

Catch Playlounge at a sold out Clwb Ifor Bach on December 5th supporting Los Campesinos!

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