How to Spend Valentine’s in Lockdown

Valentine's in Lockdown

Finding inspiration for what to do on Valentine’s day is never easy and this year, with lockdown, there are extra obstacles in the way of having a fun Valentine’s. We asked our contributors to give us their ideas for the best ways to spend Valentine’s day whilst respecting measures in place. Here’s what they had to say:

Spa and Cocktail Night

By Shannon Bowes-Cavanagh

A spa and cocktails night is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s this year. Me and my boyfriend are going to do it together but it would also be so much fun with friends, either on zoom or with housemates. I bought the face masks, exfoliate, and nail kit all on amazon for less than £20 but it depends how much you want to spend, there’s so much stuff you can get on amazon for a reasonable price. My cocktail of choice is a sex on the beach and it’s easy to find most of the ingredients in Lidl. This type of “date night” whether it’s with a boyfriend/ girlfriend or just mates is so adaptable, and you can go as far as you like with it. We’ve chosen to have cocktails with tapas, which is basically anything frozen that we find appealing in Lidl, and to do face masks and a nail pampering, but you could mix it up and do whatever suits you best. I really like the idea because there isn’t loads of pressure. It can be romantic, or it can just be a bit of fun with your friends.

Go All Out!

By Francesca Ionescu

I’ve been very fortunate to live with my significant other all the way through lockdown, which means my Valentine’s day date plans are very different from couples that live separately. But that doesn’t mean you need to skip celebrating. Even if not in a relationship, I find the most fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day is to go all out, even in Covid times. I’m talking tuxedos, dresses, heels, and ties, and even some flowers to tie around your wrist. Then, if you live with your partner or even just with your flatmates, go pick up some food and nice snacks and drinks while still dressed up. Now, if you are unable to see your partner, video-call each other, and order food for the other without knowing what you got. If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, another cute date idea that works well is to both follow a Bob Ross tutorial, and then ship each other the painting you’ve made as a sweet, home-made present. I’m a big fan of enjoying everything to the fullest, and while this year Valentine’s day will have less opportunities, you should still do as much as you can to make the day special.

Long Distance Dates

By Laura Dazon

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about couples who are currently doing long-distance. Here are a few ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day with your significant other, even if you can’t actually be together. These also work with friends! First, why don’t you go for a walk together? Instead of your usual hours-long phone calls from bed, grab your phone and take a stroll. You could even go food shopping to buy the same ingredients and later cook together! When you get back home, hop on your PC, and re-join in the same virtual space. You could watch a movie together on Netflix Teleparty, go on a “Drive and Listen” and any weird internet gem, or play video games. Personally, I suggest you give Stardew Valley a try if you haven’t already, it has a lovely co-op mode, and before you know you’ll be completely addicted. Finally, nothing prevents you from eating together. Dress fancy, order food for each other or cook together, and have a nice zoom dinner. At the end of the day, what counts is you make time for each other, no matter the distance. Happy Valentines!

Zoom Dinner Date

By Chloe Chapman

For many of us at university, I imagine we are having to spend Valentines distanced from our partners in the current lockdown, so the idea of creating a successful and non awkward date night might be quite daunting. Personally, the idea my boyfriend and I are planning is trying to replicate a fancy dinner date as much as possible. The idea is essentially choosing some recipes you both like, hopping on a zoom or a facetime, and then cooking and enjoying dinner together. Some of my favourite food accounts at the moment for inspiration are the classic MOB Kitchen, Binging with Babish (great for explaining the basics), or for more limited funds: Beat the Budget. All of these accounts have lots of variety and are great for finding new recipes for you to both try! To really make your night romantic, make sure you both dress up and break out of that cosy stay-at-home wear. Also, try and put effort into romanticising your dining area (think candles, flowers etc.), I know this may be difficult in family homes, but it will really allow you to both switch off and focus on spending time with each other. This idea also works perfectly for online galentines – just crack open some additional bottles of wine!

Secret Cupid

By Summer Griffin

Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about couples! It can be just as fun if you are single, even this year. Why not use it as an excuse to show your friends some love? This Valentine’s day, me and my friends have decided to do a secret cupid. We used the website Draw Names, which sends each person their secret cupid privately, but you could always just ask a friend or family member who is not taking part to draw your names for you, and let everyone know. Once you know whose secret cupid you will be, you can get going making them a Valentine’s card or finding them the perfect Valentine’s gift (depending on your budget). Then write them a message sharing the love, or just having a laugh, and send it in the post. Getting something in the post is always exciting, especially these days, so what could be better than receiving a sweet Valentine’s card from a close friend? If you want to take it to the next level, set up a zoom date on Sunday so that you can open your secret cupids together! This is such a great way to still feel connected to your friends even when you are unable to meet up in person.

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