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LFF Review: Marriage Story

By Anastasia Kropotina
Noah Baumbach tenth feature film and the most personal one yet, Marriage Story, gives an outlook on divorce like no other work I have...

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Review: Joker

By Adam Gage

Joker can often feel like a shallow and try-hard film, but then can also be completely absorbing in moments with an engrossing lead...

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Review: Ad Astra

by Adam Gage
Less of an operatic, Sci-Fi, action filled exploration drama, Ad Astra is much more inclined to be a meditative treatise on the masculine tendency...

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Review: It: Chapter 2

By Nicole Rees-Williams
IT: Chapter 2 is arguably the most anticipated horror film of 2019. Its prequel, IT (2017) received a great reception so most audiences...

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Review: The Souvenir

Mild spoilers for character reveals follow in this review. The reveals come early in the film, but if you wish to go in blind then we recommend watching the...

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Review: Midsommar

By Caleb Carter
Ever needed a good cry?
Last year, Hereditary proved to be a runaway success: a candle-lit, black nightmare of familial leashes and compounded...

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Reviews: A Star is Born

With Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut proving a smash hit in theatres across the globe, four Quench contributors share their thoughts on A Star is...

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Review: Roma @ BFI LFF 2018

Alfonso Cuarón is a rarity. A director with barely a blemish on his filmography – which now spans more than two decades. Having first leapt onto the scene...

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Review: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman follows the crazy imagination of American businessman, politician and importantly, a showman. The box office success celebrates PT Barnum...

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Review: Black Panther

Black Panther has set world records, smashed the box office and started a cultural phenomenon. We asked Quench contributors to tell us their thoughts...

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BFI Flare 2018: Love, Simon

A light-hearted romantic comedy is as essential to adolescent life as heartbreak and rebellion. Yet, for years, the only romcoms found in the mainstream were...

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NIFF 2018: Pop Aye

A story as foreign in location as it is in concept, Pop Aye relates the journey of a disillusioned Thai architect who one day while strolling the streets of...

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Review: Downsizing

Alexander Payne embarks on his latest cinematic journey in a transformative tackling of ever-present social, moral and political issues through an accessible...

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Review: God’s Own Country

God’s Own Country is the film Hollywood forgot about.
Move over Jon Snow, there’s a new brooding protagonist in town.
Meet Johnny, (Josh O’Connor)...