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Review | South Wales Wellness show

By Ilona Cabral
The South Wales Wellness Show united curious Cardiffians, young and old, in a transformational event which celebrated holistic health and...

Culture Theatre

Peeling | Theatre Review

Words by Andrea Drobna
First performed almost 20 years ago, Kaite O’Reilly’s award-winning play Peeling is a revolutionary performance...

Books Culture

Guantanámo Kid | Book Review

Words by Christopher Colbourn
Guantánamo Kid tells the story of Mohammed El-Gharani, one of the youngest inmates detained at Guantánamo Bay by the US...

Culture Theatre

Review | Bummer and Lazarus

By Rhiannon Humphreys
Bummer and Lazarus by Jack Harrison is a Fringe show that is at once comedic, existentialist and absurdist in nature. On...


SolidariTee comes to Cardiff

By Rhianna Hurren-Myers

Over the last 5 years we have seen an unprecedented amount of politics and policies
revolving around the issue of refugees. An...


Blackfish. Blackface. What next?

Katherine Waldock
At the end of 2018, Instagram influencers across the world were accused of ‘blackfishing’, a term coined to describe white people...


Busted: Tour Preview + Interview

by Dylan Graham
Anyone growing up in the noughties in the UK will undoubtably know and be a fan of Busted. Their anthemic pop punk tunes such as ‘Crashed the...

Food & Drink

Deaths & Entrances – Review

Cardiff is clearly becoming the place to be for cocktail-lovers, with new bars the Alchemist, Gin & Juice and Rum & Fizz all opening in the past year...