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Culture Theatre

Review | The Classic Rock Show

By Sophie Miles
Attention all rock and roll lovers!
If you haven’t been to watch The Classic Rock Show yet, where have you been?
My first...


Veganuary – fad or for life?

By Amberley Steenhagen
When it gets to January, after a month of Christmas overindulgence of food and booze, everyone starts making their New Year’s...


What is White Privilege?

Poppy Jennings
White privilege is sending out your CV when applying for jobs and not having to worry about whether your name sounds foreign. It’s not being...

Food & Drink

Five Films on Food

By Chloe Erin

Now that winter and – yes, I’ll say it – Christmas, is snowballing towards us faster than you can say January deadlines, you might...


Review | Winter Wonderland

By Ilona Cabral
Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Whatever your answer, head along to Cardiff’s magical Winter Wonderland to get in the festive mood!

Culture Theatre

Review | Cheer

By Izzy Wright
‘This is Christmas. In an attempt to capitalize even more on the country in a time of low morale, the government brought...

Culture Theatre

Review | Saturday Night Fever

By Abbie Rands
John Badham, director of the Saturday Night Fever film, once said he never would have believed that people would still be talking...

Agony Aunt

All Work and No Play

by Hannah Stait
We live in a society where you need to constantly be on the go, and trust me, I definitely know what that feels like. For me, I love the chaos...