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The Show Musk Go on

The meteoric rise of SpaceX, SolarCity, Neuralink, OpenAI and Tesla. The genius, billionaire & philanthropist who shows no sign of stagnation. ...


Cardiff the VR Capital

When most people think of pioneers of Virtual Reality they picture the concrete jungle or Silicon Valley, but the truth of the matter is that Cardiff is the...

Fashion & Beauty

Wearable Tech

It’s 2016 and if anything is changing, it’s fashion. Georgina Crespi looks at the phenomenon of fashion technology and what it has to offer in the...


Communication Problems

With the image of heads buried in their hand-held screens surrounding us, Andy Love examines the way smart phones have changed our social interactions in...

Video Games

Review: Nexus 5

Arguably, the two heaviest hitters in the smartphone market are Samsung and Apple. Both occupy headlines in their seemingly-eternal patent battle, and both...