Brilliant Bristol

Top quality culture, street art and nightlife is just across the water.

The city of Bristol is famous for its vibrant and varied artistic scene. Being less than an hour’s train ride from Cardiff, it is a colourful and exciting place to go for a change of scenery: whether it’s just a day out or a longer jaunt.

Bristol has many great attractions for students to explore, such as the big and beautiful Aquarium, Bristol Museum and Gallery, and Bristol Zoo. But what makes it a fascinating city to visit is its artistic character and unique events.

One of the biggest city’s highlights is its street art. Nelson Street in the city centre was once a dull and grey walkway that offered little interest. Now it is home to an ambitious and exciting street art project: See No Evil. The project, started by music promoters Team Love, brings together the world’s leading street artists to completely transform the face of ten multi-story buildings from grey facades to striking murals.

One of the world’s best known street artists began his graffiti on the bare walls of Bristol. Now there are several ‘Bansky Tours’ you can do around the city, and they don’t cost a penny. You can find the location of each of Banksy’s works on the Visit Bristol website and then wander around on your own arty treasure hunt.

Bristol also has a diverse festival schedule that includes the International Balloon Fiesta (Europe’s biggest annual hot air balloon event), Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival and, among many others, a Slapstick Silent Comedy Festival. Keep an eye on this city’s events calendar for these one-of-a-kind experiences all year round.

The nightlife in Bristol is buzzing, with a whole host of bars and clubs.  Perhaps the most exciting of these is Thekla, a ship moored in the mud dock area of Bristol’s floating Harbour. Inside there is so much more than just cargo: the boat plays host to an award winning nightclub that often holds live music events and has been at the base of Bristol’s drum and bass scene for over 25 years. To find out about their events and offers check out their website,

With heaps of attractions and an endless list of events to choose from Bristol is a great place to travel to without having to get out your passport or damaging your bank balance too much. If you want to find out more about Bristol and what it can offer go to


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