Cardiff Cultures: How to explore the world through Cardiff’s Societies

With over 150 societies Cardiff University is a great place to find out about other cultures without leaving the country.

Cardiff Guild of Societies


The curse of being a student is having long holidays and itchy feet but not having the money to do anything with them. Thankfully Cardiff University has plenty of societies that celebrate different cultures – joining up may not be the same as a three month tour of Vietnam but these society’s events and socials are a great opportunity to meet people from different places and get involved from everything from reggae nights to Chinese new year.

Having won ‘Best Society’ for three years running Cardiff’s Malaysian Society is a fun and active society dedicated not just to welcome Malaysian students to Cardiff but also allowing Cardiff to enjoy Malaysian culture.
One of the society’s execs, Hana Hamaz, describes what they get up to:  “Being a multiracial country, our society organizes festivals including EID, Diwali and Chinese New Year”.  Though the society holds many event throughout the year one of the most popular is The Festival of Diversity which involves a musical show to “promote Malaysia’s unique and diverse cultural background to an audience from different countries”.

‘Student Action for Refugees’ is a volunteer organisation that operates in universities around the UK – here in Cardiff both STAR’s volunteer projects and events are always a great way to mix with people from all over the world without leaving  Glamorgan!
In Cardiff the society runs a weekly drop-in centre and English lessons as well a cultural event: “this is a great way to make friends from all around the world and hear their stories” explains STAR’s president Hanna Gretton “Our highlight each year is Refugee Rhythms, a night for students and refugees eat together and celebrate with music from around the world”.

“The Northern society attempts to bring together Northerners and provide an opportunity to meet, greet and live it up with your Northern kin… We want you to join us in our quest to show Cardiff what the north is all about” says the Northern Society’s President Jay Rourke. Although aimed at uniting people from northern England and Scotland the Northern Society is open to all who want to meet some northern folk, or just fancy a pie and some pints.


Here is a list of some of the other cultural societies that Cardiff has to offer:

African Caribbean Society
Arab Society
Asian Society
Bulgarian Society
Canadian Society
Chinese Society
French Society
German Society
Hong Kong Society
Japanese Society
Kazakh Society
Kenyan Society
Korean Society
Libyan Society
Nigerian Society
Pakistani Society
Saudi Society
Spanish and Italian Society
Turkish Society
YUVA Indian Society
Welsh Society



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