Explore: Cape Town

Cape Town is a stunning costal city within South Africa. Famous not only for its mountainous terrain and Penguin inhabited beaches but also for its rich and unique culture.

So, what to do when visiting this extraordinary city?

  • Hike Lion’s Head Mountain:

Cape Town brings the sea to the mountains. As an extremely mountainous area there are numerous options at your fingertips when it comes to getting an adrenaline kick.  Although there are opportunities to hike the world famous Table Mountain and Signal Hill, my heart, however, lies with Lions Head. The peak lies at 669 meters above sea level and is in between Table Mountain and the beautiful coastline, which provides out-of-this-world views. As far as hikes go, this could be described as being at an intermediate level. Take the essentials, water, emergency food, sun cream, emergency clothing and suitable closed shoes. When nearing the peak the path gets narrow, the air becomes a lot thinner and you will be expected to use chains and ladders to reach the top. The climb can take around an hour at a medium to fast pace, but oh are the views worth it. The photos don’t even do the view justice.










  • Cheetah Outreach Centre:

While visiting Cape Town or even South Africa in general it is very important to support their animal conservation efforts. While in Cape Town this can be done by visiting the Cheetah Outreach Centre, which looks after ill and rejected Cheetahs and wild Cats. The animals that cannot be returned to the wild are used as ambassadors for their cousins in the wild. Although getting up close and personal with these majestic animals is a once in a lifetime experience, you will also be doing something to help the conservation efforts of these endangered animals. Tickets are relatively cheap and there are a lot of other opportunities to donate or purchase goods that will benefit the rehabilitation of these rapidly declining animals.









  • Boulders Beach the home of the African Penguin:

Boulders Beach is found within the Cape Peninsular near Simon’s Town. The beach is a popular tourist attraction since a colony of Penguins settled there in 1982. For a small price you can spend your day at the beach allowing you to get up pretty close and personal with these friendly Penguins. If the thought of meeting a Penguin wasn’t enough to sell this iconic place then maybe the prospect of crystal clear waters and soft white sands will.









Where to eat in Cape Town?

  • Groot Constantia Winery:

Imagine melt in your mouth Sirloin steak, freshly baked baguettes, assortment of traditional cheeses, garlic green beans and mushroom sauces to die for. All served on a fully functioning vineyard where the wine simply doesn’t stop flowing. This is the place to visit to immerse yourself in South African culture and cuisine. They even offer a wine tasting experience  where you can sample the wine and explore the stunning grounds of the vineyard, if you are not yet satisfied.









Article and pictures by Courtney Bridge.