Explore: Bulgaria

During September my boyfriend and I spent the week in the Bulgarian holiday resort, Sunny Beach. Bulgaria provided us with a whole host of experiences that proved for an enjoyable short break.

bul3I would recommend staying within the resort area as you have everything you need. The weather during our trip was very much on and off- boiling days were spent by the poolside, whereas thunder and lightning storms were viewed from our balcony. It was fascinating to meet such a varied mix of people inside the hotel, the witnessing of different cultures coming together in one place. But I will admit- a lot of our time was spent beside the all-inclusive bar.

The hotels are a two-minute walk from the beach strip, extending along the coastline from one end of Sunny Beach to the other. The strip featured an abundance of stalls, the classic tourist shops selling everything from perfume to holiday souvenirs, and many bars, clubs and restaurants were nearby to take you up to and through the evening.

We made a day trip to Nessebar, a charming, cobbled, old town filled with authentic buildings and traditional street stalls, and another activity on offer that we unfortunately didn’t get to experience was Khan’s Tent. This is a highly recommended evening of acrobatics, dancing and dining inside a circus-style tent. The evening came with excellent reviews from hotel guests we met during the week. If you’re looking for something a bit wilder, there were various boat parties taking place throughout the week too, and a popular karaoke bar along the strip that even we paid a visit to!

bul2It was extremely easy to spend money in Bulgaria; the currency is the lev which is approximately 50 pence in sterling. The prices for most things were low, with a beer on the strip costing the equivalent of 80p. I would be careful with some of the more tourist orientated places however, that often charge more than necessary.

An enjoyable trip with the opportunity to experience both relaxation, and a lively party scene!

By Eleanor Roberts