Explore: Paris

Smelling freshly baked croissants, spotting spectacular architecture, and waking up to the vision of the Notre Dame every morning, nothing could be more magical. Paris is as close to an enchanted, fairy-tale life as we will ever get.

For starters they have Disneyland, that place is argument enough.


Yes I saw all the sites. A drive across Paris from left to right takes approximately four hours, but manageable to see in all its glory in just a mere few days. I would highly recommended a bus tour. Even now after I have completed the bus tour, I will happily do it again. Also make sure to purchase a quick pass tour for the Eiffel Tower; I skipped a six hour queue for a twenty minute wait so it’s most definitely worth the money!

Witnessing a proposal outside the Notre Dame was the highlight of the trip. I could not understand the language of the lovers, but the languag15086465_10154021377653244_2074032717_ne of love spoke to everyone. People from all nationalities clapped, cheered and cried. I blubbered so much, I am surprised the Seine didn’t overflow!

In all honesty, I did not want to leave, I never do! I have been to Paris four times now and I still feel the same way whenever I go- speechless. And for me being quiet is a very difficult task. Hearing the Notre bells sing has the power to stop everyone from talking.

Abba’s Last Summer played on my IPod as I returned home to Cardiff that rainy afternoon. In that moment, all I wanted to do was jump back onto the aircraft and go back. From learning how to detect a real or fake leather shoe, to the simple routine of coffee and a crepe from the local café each morning, and of course how the French say, ‘Bonjour’, to everyone they met, I gained an experience like no other. Paris taught me to love the simple everyday things.

By Rachel Nurse