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Travel writer Emma Bradley hit the student union to ask Cardiff students about the places they LOVE.

Travelling is a popular pass time for many to broaden horizons and learn a diverse range of culture or simply for a good time. We are seeing thousands of tourists flee to the exotics and many to England for our faithful capital. But why should we travel? What draws so many individuals to exotic and new countries?

“The native people of Thailand are very friendly and the locals are renowned for hospitality. Thai food from Thailand is leagues better from its takeaway counterpart and in Bangkok you’ll never have to wait for a taxi because they’re almost everywhere.”
Luke Tanprasit – Thailand

“I stayed in the Tsitsikamma National Park in wooden cabins which over looked the Indian Ocean. The park had some beautiful scenery with gorgeous beaches and hidden waterfalls within the forests. The food was always delicious and fresh, the weather was always hot and animals such as monkeys and cows could wonder around freely. A highlight would have to be going to the elephant park and being able to stroke and feed them. I went to Cape Town which gave you a real feel for the diverse in culture and history of the place as we went to the slums and to the preschools where the children were fascinated by nail varnish and long, which made you appreciate things more. There is so much to do and see with table top mountains that give you an amazing view of Cape Town and Robben Island. It’s definitely worth a visit.”
Saskia Hawking – South Africa

“I like London because there’s always something to do, somewhere to go or someone to see. Whether it is a picnic in Greenwich Park with friends, shopping on Oxford Street or a Rihanna concert at the O2, there’s constant entertainment. It has been amazing this summer living right next to the Olympics and being able to be involved in the atmosphere and excitement as the British athletes won their medals. I can definitely see why travellers visit London if they want a wide range of entertainment and pass times!”
Eleanor Cooke – London

“Who wouldn’t want sun and nightlife in the same place?! Hot, sunny weather that lasts the entire duration of the holiday is a total contrast to the rain that seems to dominate British summers. Many places can offer the good weather, but not as many catch the nightlife! This definitely makes it a place to remember and despite a lot of negativity towards these types of resorts, the mention of Magaluf will bring nothing but extremely fun memories of spending a week with school friends partying as well as soaking up the sun before facing the real world! Well this was certainly my experience!”
Nicola Miles – Magaluf

“I visited both Moscow and St Petersburg when I went to Russia in 2008. I really enjoyed my stay there; it felt like you were living in history. For example whilst in Moscow, we saw 5 important buildings and each one had a 5 foot diameter red star on the top of it. It was incredible to see such a blatant symbol of the old communist regime still displayed over the city’s capitol. Also the sheer scale of the country is awe inspiring; I took the overnight train from one city to another and this involved traveling for 13 uninterrupted hours and yet we only covered a fraction of the country.”
Eddie Greaves – Russia

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