Romance Revival

Image by Josh Hild

Travelling with your partner can be penned as one of the best experiences in the world, as not only do you get to know each other better, but it gives you the opportunity to just be together without the distractions of the business of everyday life. From going on adventures to romantic chill evenings, travelling together allows you to really get to know your other half (for better and for worse!) and will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. The most challenging part of any relationship is to keep the flame alive. It is important to continue to grow and change with a person, while all the while waking up being attracted to them despite these changes, thus romantic getaways are the best, as they can help you reconnect, or just add a bit of excitement into a relationship that has got very comfortable and easy!

Goa, India

One very interesting and adventurous location would be Goa, India, for all those willing to travel for a short vacation. Goa is the package you need to relight the flame! From water sports, to beautiful beaches, to crazy restaurants, to romantic inns, Goa is the place! It is a very famous tourist place in India and is located on the south western coast, which offers you a vibrant and diverse culture, as well as a fun party vibe.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Another place which completely blows my mind is Cappadocia in Turkey, which is an absolute fairy land, so who better to go with than your prince or princess. Not only is it home to natural wonders and picturesque rock formations, Turkey gives beautifully romantic hot air balloon opportunities. Hands down, one of the best sunsets I’ve seen is on a hot air balloon in Turkey, it is just magical. With respect to logistics, you can either fly to these beautiful places or book an overnight coach from Istanbul, so it couldn’t be easier to visit this incredible region!

New York

Another busy yet dreamy city is New York, perfect for couples who like bustling, noisy cities. From amazing food, to strolling in the parks, to chilling on the beaches, New York definitely holds a story which will leave its impacting imprint on your relationship!

Even though there are thousands of other beautiful places on our green blue planet, I’ve listed down my forever favourites which are perfect for any romantic getaway!

Words by Muskan Arora


While it might be easier to go away with your partner somewhere easy and relaxing, like an all-inclusive hotel in Spain (and don’t get me wrong that sounds like a dream), I would prefer to go somewhere a bit more challenging. This is why I decided on Vietnam, as even though it wouldn’t be the most straight forward of holidays, it would be so much more fulfilling, and what is better than experiencing each moment (good and bad!) with your partner.

Vietnam is a vibrant and colourful jumble of old and new, offering a perfect mix of exciting adventures, unbelievable food, dynamic cities and a million picturesque views where PDA goes without saying. While I only went for 2 weeks, you could definitely spend much more time exploring this beautiful country, if you can put up with each other for that long!

We flew into Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, a bustling city where mopeds seem to outnumber people and stayed for 2 days before hopping on a bus to Ha long Bay, an incredible mass of rock formations and islands that sits amongst the bluest water you have ever seen.  We traveled and slept on a boat, which allowed us to fully explore each island and just enjoy the tranquility after such a hectic few days in Hanoi. It was also the spot where our first test arose. By no fault of my own (well that is what I told my parents) my phone fell overboard, and with a week and a half left of the trip, and being on a boat out at sea for the next 2 days, it was fair to say it wasn’t an ideal situation. But this is one of the reasons I believe you should go a bit further out of your comfort zone when choosing a holiday with your partner, as you get to see each other at their worst and most stressed, and while difficult, you will feel so much closer to them after you get through it. 

After Ha Long Bay we traveled further south to Phong Nha, Hue and Hoi An where we drove mopeds, swam in lakes, learnt to make spring rolls and got married. Luckily the wedding took place in a cave by our local tour guide, who also married all the other couples in the group by joining the hands of each couple over a rock that looked like a lion, so I don’t think it was official, but still, it doesn’t get more romantic that!

While it comes with more challenges and opportunity for arguments, I completely recommend travelling somewhere like Vietnam with your partner, as it will force you both to make tough decisions and see how you cope with the challenges that backpacking brings. Plus, it is so incredible that you will fall instantly in love with the craziness and beauty of the country.

Words by Alice Clifford