Do Something Different For Valentines

Valentine’s Day is my favourite holiday. Yes not Christmas or New Year’s day. Valentines. But not for the clichés like flowers and dinner and chocolate, Valentines is the time of year you make timeless memories with your loved one, and what better way to do this than travel?

My boyfriend and I spontaneously booked to go to Dublin this year, and this was the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the mystery and beauty that is love. During our trip we didn’t do the usual go out for a meal or see a movie- no thanks. We had four days to take part in some new and exciting adventures. Create a Valentine’s Day that is worth remembering.

Now, why should you go to Dublin for Valentines? For starters going to the Guinness factory is a must. We pulled our own pint and drank it on the seventh floor of the building- the highest floor surrounded by glass- the Gravity Bar. Dublin from high heights was a different experience altogether. I learned how to enjoy a traditional Guinness in a tasting session, rather than unromantically downing it.


At Dublin Zoo the giraffes and elephants simply stole my heart. Wandering the zoo with my partner was really sweet and he showed his softer side. “Awww look at the baby monkeys”, a 6’1 man saying that was simply hilarious.

The one-hour tour of the Little Museum of Dublin was outstanding, I highly recommend. Rowan was our tour guide and he was very entertaining. My boyfriend and I found the trip so interesting and insightful. As well as this we went to the Writer’s Museum, as an English Literature student I just had to. My love of books is shared with my boyfriend and the experience brought our joint passion even closer together. I spent the night reading The Picture of Dorian Grey (Oscar Wilde is from Dublin too) and my boyfriend spent the night reading Game of Thrones (which was filmed partly in Dublin).

I recommend planning a Valentine’s trip away. You get to learn so much more about your partner. When away you feel more adventurous and creative, so use this special time of year to enjoy some worthwhile time with your other half.

Creative get away ideas for you and your love:

1. The Zoo/ A safari
2. A museum
3. A mountain walk
4. A factory tour
5. Escape rooms
6. A theme park
7. A boat trip
8. A festival/ Camping
9. A castle
10. See the seven wonders of the world together.

By Rachel Nurse