The Spookiest Ways to Spend Halloween Nearby on a Student Budget

The pumpkins are out, fake blood is flying off the shelves and Pintrests most searched term is ‘original fancy dress costumes’; Halloween is finally here. As much as we want to fly out to Transylvania and hunt for Count Dracula, our student loans won’t quite stretch that far. We’ve chosen the ghouliest ways you can spend this hallows eve on a student budget, without having to dig out your passport.


St Fagans Ghost Walk


If you live in Wales and haven’t visited St Fagans, you’re probably a minority; but what better time to go than to get well and truly spooked on Halloween. St Fagans Ghost Walk is described as a ‘no-nonsense, no-gimmicks’ event based on real life ghostly encounters that have taken place in the old historic buildings of St Fagans itself. Walk amongst ghosts on this torch lit tour and hear first hand about Welsh afterlife superstitions. You can find more information and ticket prices at this website.


Halloween (2018), Cineworld Cardiff


If you don’t want to brave the cold autumnal weather, then Cardiff’s student cinema prices have your back, don’t worry. With tickets as cheap as £3 with your student card, you enjoy a spooky film for the price of a meal deal. Masked killer Michael Myers returns for a final showdown in this new addition to the iconic Halloween franchise. For an extra pound, I definitely recommend watching Halloween on one of Cineworlds new superscreens. All the same jumpscares, blood and gore but on a much bigger screen. You can buy tickets here


X Scream, Rhondda


Too much of a Scream Queen for the movies and want to take things up a step? Why not be chased by your favourite movie monsters. X Scream in Rhondda brings you a completely immersive experience in ‘Once Upon A Time’. ‘We have taken the cosy bedtime stories of childhood and twisted them into the most grotesque, terrifying and ghastly horrors of the imagination’. X Scream takes you on a 50 minute walk through different horror zones of pure HORROR; expect live actors, special effects and no sleep for months to come. You can visit the website and book tickets at the following link.


Triple Cooked: Disco of the Dead, Tramshed


If you’re more of a night owl, and a fan of the weird and wonderful head down to Tramshed for the halloween party of all parties. Admire the funky but freakish costumes whilst enjoying a devilish display of disco tunes and demon dance the night away.


Frightmare, Over Farm, Gloucestershire


A personal favourite Halloween venture of mine, and a truly terrifying experience.Over Farm in Gloucestershire is the ultimate halloween experience for both thrill seekers and also those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Visit in the daytime to admire the fantastic pumpkin sculptures and choose your favourite juicy pumpkin to decorate yourself. The farm is lined with fairground attractions, eateries and bars throughout the month of October. Eat local produce from a BBQ with a hot chocolate in the crisp autumn nights.


For those who like an adrenaline rush wait till dark to visit Over Farm, with 5 uniquely scary attractions it is the ultimate Spook Fest. Walk through interactive maze’s where you will come face to face with prisoners from government experimental labs, zombies, ghosts, THE LOT! The main attraction is the famous Haunted Hayride. Ride if you dare on an old passenger tractor out into the many acres of Over Farm in the dead of night. Who knows how long the old tractor will last, and who know what might be lurking out in the crops and fields.


Find out more about Frightmare here


By Molly Geddes