Top Travel YouTube Channels

With summer coming to an end and lectures fast approaching, here are our Top Travel YouTube Channels to provide some term-time wanderlust and inspire your next trip.


Two brothers, Marko and Alex Ayling who, after winning a travel video contest in 2013, started their own YouTube channel to document their adventures around the world. They are among the most recognised creators of travel content within the YouTube community  due to the high quality and diversity of their videos.


2. Samuel & Audrey

Canadian husband and wife duo Samuel Jeffery and Audrey Bergner, authors of the well-known travel blogs Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker, joined YouTube 3 years ago with their travel and food channel. Since then, they have made nearly 600 videos from all over the world. Their City Travel Guides are a particular highlight of this channel, featuring the best restaurants, landmarks, festivals and theatres in cities across the globe, from Helsinki to New York to Buenos Aires.


3. FunForLouis

With over a million subscribers, Louis Cole’s channel FunForLouis is undoubtedly the most-watched on our list and though not exclusively travel-focused, this plays a large part in its content. Consisting of daily vlogs, the easy style of the videos presents a relaxed but realistic view of life on the road.


4. Hey Nadine

Primarily focused on cheap, solo travel, Nadine Sykora’s channel is action-packed, lively and full of great advice. She’s been travelling since 2009, visiting over 40 countries and sharing her experiences and top tips in relation to backpacking, long haul flights, working holidays to name but a few.