Christmas edition: Agony Aunt

Merry (week and slightly under a half till) Christmas! Do make sure that you enjoy every second of your festive break- yes even try to enjoy revising and writing essays. I for one will be listening to Last Christmas every day until the 1st of January when the work-out motivational playlist will be on everyday. Well until I make a little detour to the nearest McDonalds to me… Have a great remaining few days of 2017 and good luck for all of 2018 adventures!

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I haven’t got much money for Christmas, what should I do?

Making gifts at home is the perfect way around this. Baking gingerbread or homemade soup (both are easy and fun to make). Also, you can invite your friends around to make these with you so you can socialise as well as making personalised presents. You can all split the bill of the grocery shop to make it cheaper for all of you. Definitely look up online for homemade ideas for family and family. This is a great unique touch to any gift.

As for going out, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Go halves on a bottle of wine on a night out with friends, go to town on cheaper nights out and even let your friends know of your situation- they are probably in the same position.

Most importantly, not panic. I know that is easier said than done but Christmas is not all about money. You can still give your loved ones beautiful presents and go out partying during the festive season! Enjoy your Christmas holidays with your loved ones.

How can I make new friends at university? I’m so painfully shy I can’t talk to anyone! The thing is, if anyone tries to talk me I clam up and give short rude answers, what do I do?!?

Firstly, spend the Christmas holidays relaxing with friends from back home. Secondly, if you’re close to anyone or someone makes an effort to you during university, you could pop up to them on Facebook or any other social media platform and wish them a happy Christmas. That is the first step to gaining confidence to speak to others. Remember that if someone does try to talk to you in university it’s because they want to be friendly and feel you are approachable to speak to.

A New Year’s resolution for you could be to try and speak to one person a day at university. I understand that will be difficult but if you start off small, you’ll be able to speak to two people then three etc. Soon enough you’ll feel less clammy and won’t feel the need to give short blunt answers. We all get nervous at times but you can make new friends at university. Greet others with a happy smile and you’ll be halfway there already.

I want to drop out of university. I hate it here at times. But I know dropping out won’t be any good for my future. Should I stay in university or find something else to do until I figure out what I want?

Take some time over the Christmas break to think about what you want. You do seem uncertain even though you have said you want to drop out of university. Speak to your family and friends thoroughly discussing why you feel you want to drop out of university. Additionally, you can arrange a meeting with a careers advisor to talk about your options. A way around this is finishing this year as you are halfway through the academic year and taking a gap year out then to figure out if you want to go back to university or do something else. During the spring semester, you can look for work, work experience opportunities, book a few holidays or find a volunteering opportunity, whichever suits you! University is here to give you a degree of course, yet it is also there for you to find yourself as a person and learn more about yourself. Keep positive, you’ll eventually figure out what is best for you now and your future.


By Rachel Nurse.