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EP: Get Inuit – 001

MU - Get Inuit - 001 (albums)

For those of you who aren’t aware, Get Inuit are a funky indie-pop quartet from Kent. They’re pretty fresh and are tipped to be one of the hottest newcomers of 2015. The ingeniously titled 001 is a four track package of fun hooks and catchy lines which are bound to get you bopping your head at the very least.

EP opener, ‘Dress of Bubblewrap’ is an infectious slice of Get Inuit’s poppier side. It’s the sort of song that if you heard it coming from a festival tent, you’d head over and check out what the crowd were making such a fuss over; it’s definitely one for the summer playlists. ‘Coping With Death, In A Nutshell’ brings the EP down a notch, turning that bop you’ve got going on into a sway. It’s feels a bit drawn-out but that can be overlooked as by the time you get to track three, you’re back in the fun zone. ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ is the band’s best track. ‘I wanna be your stick in the mud’ whines vocalist Jamie Glass over and over again in traditional indie style. The final track of the EP, ‘I Would’, is Get Inuit’s latest single and full of the echo and reverb that will make them contenders against the likes of Palma Violets and Drenge.

001, in a nutshell, is as cool as anything the indie heavyweights of the industry could record and best of all, it’s only a sneak-peak into what Get Inuit can do; certainly a glittering promise.