Fresh Theatre

A look at two of Cardiff’s freshest theatre companies.
National Theatre Wales 
The National Theatre Wales performs in the English language but is a company strongly rooted in Wales, with Welsh culture at the heart at of their work. With a combination of emerging and established artists forming their community from and beyond Wales, NTW aim to continue to push the imagination by creating engaging and innovative ways of expressing topical issues. So if you only go to one performance this year definitely make sure you consider NTW for an example of how the Welsh arts is continually evolving and becoming a key name in theatre internationally.
 Dirty Protest
If your opinion of theatre is overpriced musicals filled with reality TV hopefuls from the latest Andrew Lloyd-Webber show, think again. Founded in 2007, Dirty Protest aims to shake up the arts world and challenge negative perceptions of theatre. Working with established and wannabe writers, staging performances in anywhere from pubs to a forest, producing plays which are fresh and exciting. So whether you are a budding writer or simply looking for something that pushes the boundaries of contemporary theatre, joining the Dirty Protest is a must.

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