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Interview: Don Broco

Charlie Mock caught up with Rob Damiani, lead vocalist of Don Broco ahead of their headline UK tour to chat trending on Twitter and new releases.


If people haven’t heard of Don Broco, how would you describe yourselves to them?

A rock band! We like playing loud rock music, but we’ve got melodies too so you’re going to find a tune in there. The best thing is to check us out really!

‘You Wanna Know’ was released last month- it placed at #1 on the iTunes Chart and trended on Twitter. How did that feel?

It was great. It was really cool- it’s the first new music we’ve released since our debut album came out, so we were quite excited to get it out and see what people’s reactions would be; if our fans were enjoying it or not. That was the main important thing. I guess, the icing on the cake was getting to number one on iTunes and I don’t know how we did it but we somehow made it into in the Top 40 Charts, which we never saw coming. It was a really, really big weekend for us!

It was the first song that you had written since your last album- what was it like going into the studio after that length of time?

It was weird. I mean, we released the album last year but we actually recorded it the year before, so yeah! We were kind of a little bit nervous. We were thinking, ‘Have we lost our touch?’ ‘Do we know what we’re doing?’ But, as soon as we heard the riff and laid the melody down we were getting good vibes from it. It just gave us that push to get new music written and now we can’t stop! We write all the time now. You go through your different cycles obviously; the promo stage… But, the writing stage- it’s just really nice getting back into the studio.

You guys have got your tour coming up at the end of the month- you’re coming to Cardiff on December 1st to play The Great Hall. What can we expect from those shows?

We’re psyched to come to Cardiff! We managed to hit up Clwb Ifor Bach on our headline tour back in February and this is the first time since then, so it’s exciting for us. It’s a big old venue; we’re going to be bringing the full live show. It’s the biggest tour we’ve done to date so it’s the first time we’ve been able to bring a proper production and lights and think about the show on a big scale. On top of that, we’ve got two amazing support bands coming. Lonely the Brave who are from Oxford- they’re this really passionate rock band. We’re also bringing these guys over from Boston called Bad Rabbit, who you need to check out as well. They’re kind of like a funk-soul band! We’ve got a huge night ahead.

Finally, what are your plans for upcoming releases?

When ‘You Wanna Know’ came out we were eager to get back to writing. We’re hopefully going into the studio early 2014 to have some more new music out for people to hear all over next year. We’re getting really excited for what we’re doing at the moment, so we can’t wait for people to hear it!


Catch Don Broco at The Great Hall on December 1st. ‘You Wanna Know’ is available for download now. 


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