INTERVIEW AND LIVE REVIEW: Beartooth @ Tramshed, Cardiff


Metalcore/Hardcore band Beartooth, hailing from Columbus, Ohio, hit the UK and Ireland on a 9 date tour on the back of acclaimed album Aggressive, and winning Metal Hammer’s Breakthrough Band of the Year 2016. Catching the band at The Tramshed, Cardiff on the 14th of December, the band brought an apparent intensity.

From the off, Beartooth perform with manic urgency, letting up only to work the crowd, reeling off breakdown after breakdown. The set itself consisted of a pretty even mix of songs from both of the band’s albums, from the latest album stand out songs like the titular Aggressive and Hated are exceptionally well received by the crowd.

Neither set of songs sound out of place, with the crowd moshing and singing along to every song. Fan favourites from the band’s debut album received the greatest feedback, with the peak of the set coming from a back-to-back playing of singles The Lines and I Have A Problem, eliciting a raucous response.

The set ends on a high note with Body Bag, following a brief slowdown in proceedings from Caleb Shomo, who performed the stripped back King of Anything solo.

From start to finish it was a fierce set, a fundamental characteristic of the band; in their four years together Beartooth have built a reputation for their fierce live shows. In that four years they have also released two critically well received albums, and an EP, and show no sign of slowing down any time yet.


Before the show we got to chat with Beartooth guitarist Kamron Bradbury…

When you started Beartooth it was just you, did you think it would ever become quite this big?

I never saw playing music for a living coming really. I was a fan of the music when I joined and I’m glad to be a part of it.

What’s in the works for Beartooth right now?

There’s no new music, but after this tour we have two months off then we’re touring again with Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath in the US. Then there’s some stuff we can’t talk about.

Where’s your favourite place to play as a band? You often hear bands who prefer British crowds or American crowds.

Yeah definitely, British crowds are a little more crazy. But we love playing our hometown, Columbus, OH. In the U.K. London obviously, Manchester is one of our favourites, and Leeds is great.

What has been the best show of the tour?

There are two maybe three, Cologne, London, and Manchester.

What bands/musicians inspire the band?

Rock ‘n’ roll. Well Caleb (frontman) writes and records all the music and he listens to a lot of AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Motörhead.

Any new albums you’re looking forward to?

There was a new John Mayer song so I’m hoping there’s an album coming.

Are there any new bands that excite you?

I really like Seaway, but their not really new.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Our tour manager is really cool, and thanks a lot for coming down to the shows.

Kieran Robinson