Review: Bestival

Bestival 2016 has varied reviews this year, some suggesting it was the great let down of the summer, while others claiming it to be the best weekend of their lives. Personally, I was on the latter side thinking it was an incredible weekend all round. Yes, it was smaller this year and yes, the headliners were not as spectacular as previous years (apart from Sean Paul obvs) but if anything this made it more enjoyable meaning that Bestival returned to its original routes of being a smaller boutique festival. As you usually expect, it had everything that makes Bestival stand out: unique stages including the Space Port specifically designed for this year’s theme of ‘The Future’ and the magical ‘ambient forest’ which no other festival can compete with. Not forgetting the endless amount of obscure people in even more obscure costumes, as well as tonnes of glitter, obviously. Aside from this, there were still some great acts to be seen, including The Cure, Years & Years, and Craig David and of course, Skepta, being my highlight of the weekend, if you enjoy being thrown around mosh pits for an hour then I’m sure it would have be yours too. So in a nutshell Bestival 2016 was still the best festival of the summer regardless of its uncertain reviews circulating the web.

Billie Murphy