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Review: FKA twigs – LP1


FKA twigs’ debut album ‘LP-1’ is not as humble as the title would suggest. Tahliah Barnett let’s her music do the talking without need of a fancy title. The ethereal intro of ‘Preface’ takes the listener almost to another dimension; angelic vocals are backed with a deep bass and a dark, beautiful, dreamlike feeling (more so than words) is explored. This aura is very present throughout the whole album and is reflected in the cover of the LP; twigs looks distant and almost not present creating mystique and questioning what is going on through her mind, thankfully the album explores this track by track with simple yet impeccable lyrics.

Lead single, ‘Two Weeks’ is packed with deep, gloomy emotions as twigs expresses the want to be wanted with tragic splendor. As she states “I know it hurts/You know I’d quench that thirst” with her soft, compelling vocals it’s so easy to be taken back to a feeling of desperation to be desired by somebody who doesn’t care about you, creating pure empathic bliss. This is further explored in, to many, the standout track of the album “Pendulum” as twigs repeats “So lonely trying to be yours” set against the sound of a deadly pendulum ticking, the never-ending feeling of needing to prove seems to be infinite and at the core of “formally known as” twigs herself.

The highlight of the album comes from “Give Up”; probably the most mainstream of all the tracks on LP-1. Taking a turn from cynicism, twigs becomes almost optimistic as she describes a dying relationship that has the potential to work with grit. Frequently broken with silence as the bassy beat becomes absent, an intense sense of realism is projected as twigs delicately repeats “I’m not gon(na) let you give up babe”, juxtaposed with the doubt of absence we can hear. However, there is no sense of doubt just sheer anticipation for whatever the gloomy new Björk masters next.