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Grand Theft Auto V: Next-Gen


GTA V NGThe best from a year ago returns: Reviewed on Xbox One

You may wonder why a game which already enjoyed a very successful release a year ago would warrant a full review again now that it is out on the new systems. The answer is very simple. It is just awesome!

Many games that have been ported onto the next-gen systems such as FIFA 14, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Tomb Raider were merely graphical tests for their respective developers of the capabilities of the new hardware. However, Rockstar decided to take a sledgehammer to that approached and instead completely changed how their game plays.

Aside from looking a whole lot better to such an extent that it is one of the best looking games released so far, the game plays completely different. When rumours and footage began to surface that a true first-person mode would be introduced, the entire internet community was thrown into an utter frenzy. For so long this was something that fans had been crying out for and many had lost hope that it would ever come to fruition. But Rockstar listened and the delivered. They didn’t just to a half-measured attempt, no, they pulled out the stops to rival Far Cry for first-person open-world experience. It is actually better than Far Cry 3 as the open-world is as diverse as ever but we shall come back to this later. The first-person mode is utterly revolutionary as all of the guns have been re-modelled to suit the new camera as well as the interior of all the cars and planes which all have working dials and avionics to add even more realism to the experience.

GTA V FPThe new camera is not the only addition to the re-mastered version of the game. Aside from this, the power of the new consoles has enabled the game to run faster and only on one disc as well. The graphics have been enhanced and coupled with the new camera it does feel like you are driving through real-life Los Angeles! The power of the hardware can be seen in the draw-distance. Before it was not possible to see far into the distance but now the entire city and the desert and forests beyond can be seen from the highest point of the map. This is very impressive and the game looks its best at night when the city is light-up by the various cars and street-lights.

The story hasn’t changed aside from a few extra side-missions. The fact that they have kept the story as it was is a good thing because GTA V’s story is probably the best in the series so far. The characters are fun to play as and are very well voice acted. The fact that you can play as them in first-person makes them even more engaging though the one downside is that I was not able to see the beard and haircut that I gave all three characters all the time. That is the only downside with the new view mode, it is not possible to view the Three Bearded Wonders except in cut scenes though this is a very minor problem.

Overall the main question to ask yourself is whether it is worth buying a game that you have probably played before. The answer is absolutely yes. This is because the game plays completely differently and offers a wholly new experience from its last-gen cousin. The fact of the matter is that this could be the first time that a game could be considered the game of the year for two years running. GTA V has now resolutely introduced itself into the first-person open-world genre so the likes of Far Cry and Borderlands had better watch out.