The SRA Selector: Episode 1

Jessica Campbell
Presenter, SRA Selector and Music Coordinator

IT’S THE FIRST SHOW…. And, coincidentally, my first post! We’ve got loads teamed up for the show and to kick it off I want to outline what you can expect to hear every Thursday between the wonderful hours of 6-8pm and beyond (but mainly then):

1) The obvious; a lot of bangers. Though, please note these will only come in the form of the best in upcoming, purely British musicians. We’re an extension/ special edition of The Selector who have this at the core of the show.

2) A whole mix of content; music in varying genres – from electronic to grime. We’re also talking exclusive mixes from some of the flyest producers in the UK, exclusive stripped back sessions recorded in both the Xpress radio studios and those from Folded Wing and some interviews you will actually find interesting – none of that ‘where is your name from?’, ‘who are your inspirations?’ business. NONE.

3) Music Straight Out Of Cardiff. Every week I’m shining a spotlight on our local scene with my tops local picks. This is something dead important to me because I want to engage with you guys and bring you music you can really immerse yourself in, whilst giving you the opportunity to get your music heard. Supporting the local scene is dead important because without it musicians won’t get the airplay and some of them more than deserve it and that’s what I want the focus to be on.

4) SRA Selector gigs in association with Juxtaposed and Xpress Radio. Carrying on with the above, I’m giving you the opportunity to a) get to know the acts featured in Straight Out Of Cardiff, support our local scene and get involved further with the show whilst giving musicians the opportunity to gig in Cardiff with a loyal fanbase. These shows are also recorded and uploaded online (after a bit of mixing) so you can relive the evening.

5) Faces behind the music industry. Every week I’m focusing on bringing you info and building an insight on the people that make the music industry These will range from promoters, Radio show hosts to some proper big dawgs including some chats with some of my favourite musicians like you’ve never heard them before.

6) Loads else. Humour. I’m actually attempting to infuse the show with some top LOLS because whats better than good music and entertainment? Best of both worlds, right? I’m going to be your mate not some snooty music snob, so please tweet me at @sra_selector! But make sure you’re tuned in to find out!

On this first show, I’ve got a load of bangers including a really boundary pushing mix from Zulu. Think African beats, and beats and more beats. Also a chat with Harry Bainbridge a.k.a the founder of my fave indie label Beech Coma and what it takes to start up your own. He’s a student too and I’m hoping it’s going to be just as relevant for all you guys as it is for me! ALLLLSO, the first Straight Out Of Cardiff ft. the unknown, mysterious mastery that is Alexanderson and a live track from Uumar’s set at the last Detector gig.

Anyway, peace out and I hope I haven’t drowned you in too much information! See you next Thursday!

J xxxx

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