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CUOS Presents: Susannah Preview – An Interview with Conall Keaveney

A dark twist on the apocryphal story of Susannah and the Elders, Carlisle Floyd’s Susannah is one of the most-performed American operas of all time. Susannah Polk, a wide-eyed and lovely young woman, lives a simple and happy life with her older brother Sam, who raised her. She finds herself viciously ostracized by her small Tennessee mountain village after a group of church elders discover her bathing nude in a secluded stream near her home. Though her intentions were entirely innocent, she is painted as a sinning seductress by the elders, in part to conceal their own lustful feelings, and the entire town turns against her.

Xpress Radio’s own Charlie Knights went down to catch up with Conall Keaveney the other week to find out more about the performance and what to expect from the show.

The full interview can be heard here:

For tickets and more information check out the Facebook event.

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