Refreshers’ Week

LGBT+ Society President Sarah Lynn explains all about the LGBT+ Society


My first year at university, I struggled to find my place. I’m coming to understand my sexuality and the friends I had at the time weren’t very open to anything… queer. It was a difficult time, spent getting drunk on nights out to try and forget the isolation I felt. I drifted, not knowing who I was or where I belonged.

Then, in my second year, I made a decision that would change my life. At the Freshers’ Fair, I approached the LGBT+ Society stall and the following Saturday summoned all the courage I had and went to the Coffee Morning. From the moment I got there, I knew that it was where I belonged; somewhere I could be myself. I never looked back.

The Cardiff LGBT+ Society is, in my opinion, one of the most open and affirming societies in the university. We welcome everyone. A common misconception is that we only allow people who identify as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans* etc.) to join, but that’s not the case; we have a fair few straight members, who are all allies of the LGBT+ community.

A lot of people also think that the LGBT+ Society is purely political, that all we do is discuss politics and the “Gay agenda” (whatever that is). We actually hardly do that at all! We leave that to the LGBT+ Officer and the Association. We concern ourselves mainly with having fun, making friends… and occasionally getting drunk.

Our most regular social is the weekly Saturday Coffee Morning. We eat, talk and drink coffee, and this can sometimes go on all day. We also have a fortnightly “Queerstion Time” where we address any and all questions brought to the table in the form of a group discussion. We have movie nights, board game nights and are always open to new ideas for non-alcoholic socials. We also regularly go out on the town, with the local gay scene constantly growing and evolving.

We don’t confine ourselves to Cardiff though: we are always working with other societies to organise bigger and better socials, having gone to Bristol last year and planning to go to National Student Pride and Playzone later this year. There really  is something for everyone.

The political side, handled by the association, is active in student politics and bringing change to the university: Very Queer Closet that was camped out in the union reception, the bake sale on Transgender Day of Remembrance and handing out free condoms on World AIDS day was all the work of the association. We are dedicated to bringing positive change to the university and helping LGBT+ students is what we are here for.

We are always open to new members, so come and join us. I am sure you will find that the Society is the place for you!


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